arnhem_allied_09_gravesoutheast.JPG (20410 bytes)Allied Game Turn 9

All remaining units of the British 30th Corps have withdrawn across the Maas river over the Grave bridge.

German panzer units attacking from the southeast are engaged by 30th Corps armor and infantry. The Hnke panzer battalion, which had advanced to within two hexes of the Veghel-to-Grave highway, is driven back. (image at right)


arnhem_allied_09_gravewest.JPG (22474 bytes)



To the west, the British 130th infantry brigade, which had been pushed back to the highway by the Hber panzergrenadier battalion, now counterattacks with heavy artillery support and throws the Germans back in turn, clearing the Allied LOC. In a series of local battles, German infantry accompanying the panzers retreat under attacks by British armor. (image at left)


arnhem_german_09_nijmegen.JPG (20255 bytes)German Game Turn 9

German attacks become more desperate as the only chance now for victory lies in cutting the Allied LOC.

An attempt by the 1/9 SS panzergrenadier to charge straight across the Nijmegen bridge fails. (image at right)


arnhem_german_09_best.JPG (15446 bytes)



In the American 101st Airborne sector, two battalions of the German 59th regiment appear near the village of Best, attempting to reach the Eindoven-to-Veghel road. The 1/59 is destroyed in a suicidal attack on Best, while the attack by the 2/59 gains ground against a battalion of the 101st. (image at left)

arnhem_german_09_gravesoutheast.JPG (20584 bytes)



The Germans keep up the pressure on the Veghel-to-Grave highway, trying to bite off the last withdrawing 30th Corps units. From the southeast, the 2107th panzers are repulsed by British armor, while the 2107th's panzergrenadiers and the Hnke panzer battalion combine to drive back the British 214th infantry brigade. The urgency of the situation forces the Germans to pursue the retreating British dangerously far into the Allied defenses, placing the panzers at risk of being cut off. (image at right)

arnhem_german_09_gravewest.JPG (21738 bytes)




The German advance from the west is halted, as all attacks there are turned back. (image at left)



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