Allied Game Turn 10

Three battalions of the American 101st Airborne surround and destroy the last remnant of the German 59th regiment which had tried to cut the Eindhoven-to-Veghel road.

The 1/325 82nd Airborne continues to hold off the 1/9 SS panzergrenadier battalion at the Nijmegen bridge.

arnhem_allied_10_gravesoutheast.JPG (21999 bytes)


Near Grave, the Hnke panzer battalion, which had hazardously advanced too far into the Allied lines in a last ditch effort to cut off the rear guard units of the withdrawing 30th Corps, is itself caught between British armor and infantry heavily supported by artillery, and is wiped out. The destruction of the panzers leaves the 2107th panzergrenadier battalion in an exposed position, and it is also trapped and destroyed. This takes the guts out of the German force advancing from the southeast.  (image at right)


arnhem_german_10_gravesoutheast.JPG (22063 bytes)German Game Turn 10

In the final feeble attacks from the southeast, the last panzer battalion of the 2107th alone succeeds in punching through the Allied defenses, but its advance stops just one hex short of the Veghel-to-Grave highway objective. (image at right)


arnhem_german_10_veghelandgravewest.JPG (20817 bytes)





All German attacks from the west fail completely. (image at left)



arnhem_position_ending_arnhem_note.JPG (24361 bytes)Final Note: The position of the British 1st Airborne Division remained static after the demise of the 1/1 inside Arnhem, as insufficient strength remained to retake the town from the German holding force. The German 9th and 10th SS units sent to eliminate the Allied bridgehead across the Waal river were unable to return north of the Neder Rijn river in time to launch a serious attack against the British drop zone defenses.

Game Result: Allied tactical victory
VP totals: Allies 47 , Germans 75 (below the 2:1 draw ratio)



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