arnhem_allied_08_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (24871 bytes)Allied Game Turn 8

The Allies begin evacuating the Waal river bridgehead as the arrival of superior German forces from the 9th and 10th SS has made the Allied position there untenable. Forces inside the bridgehead fight a delaying action in an effort to hold long enough to allow the armor to escape. Withdrawing armored units move to relieve the pressure on the Allied L.O.C. near Grave. Meanwhile, inside the bridgehead, a delaying attack by the 82nd's 3/504 is so disastrously repulsed by the 1/9 SS panzergrenadier battalion, that three other Allied battalions are left in danger of being cut-off from retreat. (image at right)

arnhem_allied_08_gravesoutheast.JPG (20361 bytes)



Southeast of Grave, the British 214th infantry brigade, supported by heavy artillery, attacks the 2107th panzergrenadier battalion, forcing it further away from the Veghel-to-Grave highway LOC. Also, the 2G/5 armored battalion of the British 30th Corps, having just arrived from evacuating the Waal river bridgehead, drives into the German 180th infantry battalion, pushing it back. (image at left)


arnhem_german_08_gravewest.JPG (22152 bytes)German Game Turn 8

The Germans continue to pressure the Veghel-to-Grave highway Allied LOC.

An attack by three battalions advancing from the west, spearheaded by the Hber panzergrenadiers, hits the British 130th infantry brigade, driving it back two hexes. The advancing panzergrenadiers now exert a ZOC (zone of control) over the highway, cutting the LOC of all Allied units between Grave and the Waal river bridgehead to the north. (image at right)

arnhem_german_08_gravesoutheast.JPG (20968 bytes)



Southeast of Grave, German attacks meet with limited success against artillery supported British infantry. One attack lead by the Hnke panzer battalion gains one hex, while another effort by the combined panzer/panzergrenadiers of the 2107th is stopped cold. (image at left)


arnhem_german_08_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (23250 bytes)


The Germans are squeezing what remains of the Allied forces in the Waal river bridgehead. Elements of the 10th SS push the 1/Pol into the Waal river and a slaughter ensues. The 1/9 SS panzergrenadier battalion drives the 2/504 82nd Airborne back across the Nijmegen bridge into the city. The Allied units still inside the bridgehead are completely cut off. The 1/504 82nd Airborne is pinned against the Waal river and destroyed. The British 1C/5 armored battalion is trapped and likewise annihilated as German infantry mops up. The Waal river bridgehead has been erased. (image at right)

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