arnhem_allied_07_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (24673 bytes)Allied Game Turn 7

The 3/Pol battalion lands and moves to block the Germans advancing toward Grave from the west.

The glider units of the 82nd Airborne land and march into Nijmegen, preparing to move into the Allied bridgehead across the Waal river. British 30th Corps armor attacks inside the bridgehead continue to gain ground against the German containment force. The German 1/Vt infantry battalion is driven into to Waal river and annihilated by the British 2i/5 armored battalion. (image at right)

arnhem_german_07_gravesoutheast.JPG (21059 bytes)German Game Turn 7

German units advancing from both the west and southwest continue to put pressure on the Allied Veghel-to-Grave highway LOC.

The panzer and panzergrenadier units of the 2107th approaching Grave from the southeast combine to drive a British infantry brigade back two hexes. (image at right)

arnhem_german_07_gravewest.JPG (21736 bytes)




Meanwhile, west of Grave, the panzergrenadiers and infantry of the Hber formation hit the British 130th infantry brigade but are thrown back as all available Allied artillery and airpower are brought to bare in defensive support. (image at left)

arnhem_german_07_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (25684 bytes)




Units of the 9th and 10th SS, now available after having cleared Arnhem and taken control of the Arnhem bridge, attack the Allied Waal river bridgehead and succeed in making small gains. (image at right)



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