arnhem_allied_06_grave.JPG (22260 bytes)Allied Game Turn 6

Four infantry brigades of the British 30th Corps hit the German panzer group threatening the Veghel-to-Grave highway LOC. All attacks gain ground, forcing the Germans away from the highway. (image at right)


arnhem_allied_06_nijmegen.JPG (23046 bytes)




Armored battalions of the British 30th Corps, supported by heavy artillery, continue to expand the bridgehead over the Waal river. (image at left)

arnhem_allied_06_arnhem.JPG (25183 bytes)



Near Arnhem, the Polish Airborne Brigade continues to try to break through the German ring. The German 9th SS recon battalion is again driven back into Huissen. But the gallant stand of the British inside Arnhem at last ends as the 1/1 finally disintegrates. A last, and now vain, effort by the British 4th airborne brigade to break through to Arnhem fails for the final time. (image at right)


arnhem_german_06_grave.JPG (22638 bytes)German Game Turn 6

The German effort to cut the Allied LOC near Grave continues to stall as infantry of the British 30th Corps stabilize a defensive line 3-to-4 hexes southeast of the Veghel-to-Grave highway, and turn back all attacks by the panzer and panzergrenadier battalions. (image at right)

However, a new German force has appeared approaching the Veghel-to-Grave highway from the west, but is not yet near enough to make contact with Allied units. The Allies must now defend their LOC from two converging attacks from opposite directions.

arnhem_german_06_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (26352 bytes)



Near Nijmegen, where British 30th Corps armor has crossed the Waal, efforts to stop the Allied expansion only worsen the German position as retreats from failed attacks actually assist the Allies in further widening their bridgehead. (image at left)

arnhem_german_06_arnhem.JPG (23300 bytes)



Near Arnhem, the butchery of the Poles begins. Half of the Polish Airborne Brigade dies as the 2/Pol battalion is caught between two German battalions and is wiped out. The 1/9 SS panzergrenadier battalion forces its way across the Arnhem bridge. The Germans have finally gained control of both ends of the Arnhem bridge. (image at right)


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