arnhem_allied_05_nijmegen.JPG (24738 bytes)Allied Game Turn 5

American 82nd Airborne Sector
The 3/504 of the 82nd crosses the Waal river, and supported by air strikes and 30th Corps artillery, throws the 3/Vt German battalion back and takes the north end of the Nijmegen bridge. The German Brdf battalion defending inside Nijmegen is cut off. A subsequent attack by two battalions of the 82nd and a battalion of 30th Corps armor, supported by all artillery units of the 82nd, crushes German resistance in Nijmegen. The way is now clear for the British 30th Corps to cross the Waal in force. (image at right)

arnhem_allied_05_arnhem.JPG (24409 bytes)


British 1st Airborne Sector
Two battalions of the Polish Airborne Brigade land south of the Neder Rijn river and immediately launch an attack against the 9th SS recon battalion at the south end of the Arnhem bridge in an effort to break through to the besieged British 1/1 inside Arnhem. The Germans are forced away from the bridge and retreat into the town of Huissen. All three battalions of the 4th brigade of the British 1st Airborne again attack the 2/9 SS infantry battalion but are thrown back once more. (image at left)


arnhem_german_05_grave.JPG (22120 bytes)German Game Turn 5

The German panzer group moving up from the southeast toward the Veghel-to-Grave highway attacks the British 129th infantry brigade, driving it back almost onto the highway. (image at right)



arnhem_german_05_nijmegenbridgehead.JPG (20721 bytes)



Near Nijmegen, three German infantry battalions supported by 10th SS artillery, attack the Allied bridgehead on the north side of the Waal river and destroy the 3/504 battalion. Yet, the German attackers are also forced back one hex, actually widening the Allied bridgehead and clearing both ends of the Nijmegen bridge. The way is now open for British 30th Corps armor to pour across the Waal. (image at left)

arnhem_german_05_arnhem.JPG (21654 bytes)



Near Arnhem, the 9th SS recon battalion which had been pushed back into Huissen, counterattacks the Polish 1st airborne battalion and forces it back in turn. Meanwhile, yet another effort to crack the British 1/1 inside Arnhem fails. (image at right)



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