Allied Game Turn 4

American 101st Airborne Sector
Units of the 101st maintain positions screening the flanks of the British 30th Corps advance up the Eindoven-to-Nijmegen highway.

arnhem_allied_04_82nd_nijmegen.JPG (24957 bytes)


American 82nd Airborne Sector
At Nijmegen, the attack by the 82nd against the German Brdf battalion, now joined by one battalion of 30th Corps armor, again fails to clear the town. The 3/504, with engineer support, prepares to perform a river crossing over the Waal. (image at right)

arnhem_allied_04_arnhem.JPG (24906 bytes)




British 1st Airborne Sector
The 2s/1 glider battalion crosses the Neder Rijn river at Heavadorp. The besieged 1/1 is still holding on in Arnhem. (image at left)


German Game Turn 4

The German force moving up from the southeast continues to advance toward Grave. The Brdf battalion clings to it's positions in Nijmegen. At Arnhem, another assault mounted by the 9th SS recon battalion across the Arnhem bridge and the 10th SS inside the city against the British 1/1 can't break the Brits.

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