Allied Game Turn 3

American 101st Airborne Sector
All units of the 101st have landed and proceed to deploy to screen the advance of the British 30th Corps along the Eindhoven-to-Nijmegen highway.

American 82nd Airborne Sector
The spearhead of the British 30th Corps crosses the Grave bridge and reaches the intact Waal-Maas Canal bridge. Another assault against the German Brdf in Nijmegen fails.

arnhem_allied_03_arnhem.JPG (24494 bytes)


British 1st Airborne Sector
Efforts by the British 1st Airborne to break through to the surrounded 1/1 in Arnhem prove fruitless as an attack by three battalions against the German 2/9S is repulsed, while another attack by two battalions against the German Krft battalion gains only one hex. (image at right)



German Game Turn 3

A large German force of six battalions, including three battalions of panzers and panzergrenadiers approach Grave from the southeast with the objective of cutting the British 30th Corps line of communications (LOC).

In Arnhem, another attack on the British 1/1 fails.

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