arnhem_allied_02_30corps_veghelbridge.JPG (18673 bytes)Allied Game Turn 2

American 101st Airborne Sector
In the vanguard of the British 30th Corps, the engineers reach the blown Veghel bridge, stopping to begin repairs as tank traffic piles up behind along the highway. (image at right)


arnhem_allied_02_82nd_nijmegen.JPG (23628 bytes)




American 82nd Airborne Sector
The 1/504 and 1/508 combine in an unsuccessful attack on the German Brdf in Nijmegen. (image at left)

arnhem_allied_02_arnhem.JPG (24615 bytes)



British 1st Airborne Sector
All units of the British 1st Airborne have landed and begin moving into positions for an attempt to relieve the surrounded 1/1 in Arnhem. (image at right)



German Game Turn 2

The German Brdf continues to hold on in Nijmegen against elements of the American 82nd Airborne. At Arnhem, repeated attacks by the 9th SS and 10th SS still have not broken the resistance of the British 1/1.

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