Note that all map images shown are always oriented with the right edge facing north.

Allied Game Turn 1

American 101st Airborne drop area near Eindoven
The 1/506 crosses the Wilhelmina canal, capturing the bridge between hex 0505 and 0506 intact, and enters Eindoven. The 1/501 attempts capture of the Zuid Willems canal bridge at Wegel, but it is blown by the Germans. The 1/501 then moves on to the nearby railroad bridge and seizes it intact.

arnhem_allied_01_82nd_reichswald.JPG (20800 bytes)

American 82nd Airborne drop area near Nijmegen
All three battalions of the 505th regiment assault the German 2/406 in the Reichswald forest and rout it off-map into Germany. (shown in image at right)

The 3/504 attempts capture of the canal bridge over the Waal-Maas canal at Heumen, but the Germans blow it first.


arnhem_allied_01_82nd_nijmegen.JPG (24957 bytes)



The 2/504 crosses the Waal-Maas canal taking the bridge between hexes 2518 and 2519, and enters the west end of Nijmegen. The 1/508 also enters Nijmegen and engages the German Brdf battalion, but without sufficient strength to drive the Germans out of the town. (shown in image at left)



British 1st Airborne drop area near Arnhem
The 1/1 advances through Oosterbeck, into Arnhem and captures the north end of the Arnhem bridge over the Neder Rijn. The 2s/1 occupies Oosterbeck while other units take up positions defending the drop zone.

German Game Turn 1

Eindoven Sector
In the face of large numbers of Allied airborne troops, the Grsn battalion withdraws from Best to the west. The elimination of the 2/406 prompts the 1/406 in Wyler to withdraw into Germany.

arnhem_german_01_arnhem.JPG (22875 bytes)


Arnhem Sector
German units surround the British 1/1 in Arnhem, attacking across the Arnhem bridge with the 9th SS recon battalion. Simultaneously, the 1/9 SS panzergrenadier battalion, the 3/9 SS infantry, and the 10th SS recon battalion, supported by the 1/10 SS artillery, attack through Arnhem. The British 1/1 holds fast against this initial German assault. (image at right)


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